Sparkling glass of water being poured from a jug

3 Foods to Add to your Water to Make it More Hydrating!

Hopefully as we battle through today’s gales… warm weather is on its way, and that may mean you’re chugging more water than usual! The more you sweat, the more you need to hydrate! These colourful foods are not only bright and fun, they also have some noteworthy benefits for hydration! 

Below, we have created a list of some of the best expert-approved additions to keep your hydration levels up! 



  • Lemons are packed with Vitamin C and if you’re not getting your daily intake of fruits then this is a convenient way to do so! Just add a few thin slices into your glass of water and it should be able to keep your immune system up to keep away unwanted viruses. Lemons can help to replace lost minerals as well, like potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. Try adding a pinch of salt occasionally to make up for lost minerals!



  • Cucumbers are a great source of Vitamin B which helps us to in terms of easing our stress and anxieties which are also one of the main contributors to a bad digestive system. Have you ever noticed those seeds suspended in a slimy substance? That is actually called “structured” or “gel” water, and it happens when H20 molecules layer upon one another. So throwing a few slices of cucumber into your water can enhance the hydration twofold.



  • Apples contain up to 86% water and that is why some say an apple and a water bottle is more hydrating then just two bottles of water! Apples also contain significant amounts of potassium which can help replace electrolytes.


When it comes to hydration, there are more than enough foods that can level up your glass of water! Happy Summer (yes we are willing it!!!!!) and Happy Sipping! l

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