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Coming out of Lockdown Anxiety

Many of us are gradually easing out of lockdown, and longing for opportunities to see family, friends, and to go back to the gym or that yoga class, or the pub again. But the changes that are happening can be difficult for us to process and can be hard on our mental health. 

If we remember how much time it took us to find ways to cope during lockdown, we should also expect the same time to find our way back. Finding routines, staying connected, eating healthy and taking care of our overall health will help keep us balanced and sane during this time. 

Coping With Anxiety

Control what you can control - A lot of the things that you can’t control will give you anxiety. Having a plan and sticking to it can help you manage things you find difficult. Recognising that you don’t need to go at the same pace as someone else is important. It may be hard when your friends start reconnecting safely and you aren’t ready yet. That is perfectly okay. 

Reconnecting Your Social Life

Some of us are desperate to connect with friends and family, but others are still nervous about doing so. We may have all got comfortable with staying in our own space and not socialising but we have to push ourselves to reconnect with people and overcome any initial awkwardness. Everything is all new again, and doing your best to safely restart your social life will help ease your loneliness. 

Children And Family Changes

During lockdown, some of us had to care for family members and children. For parents going back to work, it is likely to provide a distance that is either much needed or much welcomed. But it also can be challenging for us emotionally when family support has been so close to us during lockdown. With kids going back to school this will mean a change in routine. Check in with your loved ones, they may be feeling all this too and not sharing, especially the little ones in school. It may seem really noisy for them or overwhelming.


Stay Safe and calm, Friends xx

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