Exercise and PMT

I am not one of those people who desperately wants to jump out of bed and start exercising every morning, particularly during the hellish week of PMT. In fact, i'd much rather stay in bed and read a book any morning of the month!

Trouble is i've realised I HAVE to. Suffering with awful PMT symptoms i've come to accept that it does really really help, especially during the luteal phase.

Many studies have shown that exercise can really improve PMT symptoms for women. It is a hard thing to do especially when your stomach is screaming out in pain but directly after I can feel a reward, a light relief that helps carry me through my day.

I am currently using Freelectics (not an affiliation I just personally love it) and following one of their 12 week journeys. It is a great app with the ability to take on a 'coach" who basically provides you with week after week of HIIT exercises that can easily be slotted into your day. It suits me because it counts you down, it tells you want to do and how many reps and you just do it. Simple, hard work and effective, and I don't have to think or pre plan!

Best of all when you finish your daily workout a group of inbuilt fans give you a well deserved CLAP....So this morning as I gazed out of the window hesitating about pressing the start button, I realised I really couldn't let those inbuilt fans down......

What kind of exercise do find helps your PMT symptoms, if any? We would love to hear...

Have a great Sunday all.👍

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