Hormonal Breast Pain

OUCH MY BOOBS HURT....... Do you experience breast pain or soreness around ovulation? It is thought that 20% of women experience severe breast pain or tenderness around ovulation and as they move into the luteal phase.

Breast pain is a pretty common occurrence in the menstrual cycle. The pain may be slight or it may be so severe that you cannot wear certain clothes or have any contact to the area at all. It also, commonly, may only be felt in one breast (in my case too!) It is common for healthcare professionals to ask women to chart their symptoms so they can directly link it to hormones.

Do you experience pain during Ovulation? Some personal suggestions of natural remedies for easing the pain include:

🌟Avoiding caffeine and alcohol around ovulation and in the luteal phase

🌟Taking a vitamin E supplement

🌟 Hot or cold compress on the affected area

🌟 Chokeberry (or Aronia powder) smoothie

🌟Relax- stress and anxiety can increase the problem.

Have you found something that works for you? We would love to hear.

For now I am off to find some frozen peas.... Have a pain free day all!

NB: Obviously if you are experiencing pain that is abnormal or new then get it checked out by a health care professional.

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