Maca for PMT?


Maca is well known for balancing hormones, It is rich in vitamins C and A as well as B2, B6 and Niacin. The hardy root is also packed with minerals, including iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, copper, magnesium and potassium. Maca is also rich in beneficial plant sterols that are biochemically related to hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Maca contains healthy fatty acids, which are beneficial for the heart and appear to help stabilise blood glucose levels and reduce inflammation.



The benefits of taking Maca for PMS are great. It targets the hormonal imbalance which is the cause of most PMS problems. Most users notice a change for the better during their first period after beginning to use Maca. The overall benefits may continue with each period with a decrease in cramping, bloating, fatigue, irritability, food cravings and headaches. Maca seems to work by regulating the brain chemistry signals which lead to hormone secretions from the glands and which seem to be at the heart of the hormone imbalances suffered by women with PMS and menopause symptoms. By improving the connection between the pituitary gland and brain, maca restores the balance between the levels of hormones circulating round your body. So instead of introducing hormones into your body from outside, such as synthetic hormones or bio-identical hormones Maca encourages the glands in your body to produce the hormones your own body needs.

Have you found Maca beneficial?

If you, like me suffer from terrible PMT/ PMS symptoms and would benefit from trying some Organic Maca, then give us a comment below or email us as we will be sending out 2 free 250g packets this week!

You really don't need a fancy recipe, I just stirred some into my morning tea this morning.

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