March the month of Self-Care

JOURNEY INTO THE HEART.....Through Journaling.

For anyone starting out in journaling we can thoroughly recommend an amazing 30 day course by Suzanne Heyn, see her website for details. Personally we love it! Cost around GBP £25 and worth every penny. (this is NOT an ad or affiliation, just a personal journey LOVE!)

"Journaling Is The Most Powerful Way To Connect With Yourself, But Not Everyone Knows Where To Start" (Suzanne Heyn)

*Receive daily short, inspirational messages with fresh perspectives to uplift your heart and bring a smile to your face.

* Be guided through a series of soul-stirring journaling prompts for self-discovery and deep heart healing. *

* Explore your most delicious desires while identifying areas of life where a few small changes could make a big difference.

* Set aside "me time" and discover the joy that comes from putting yourself first!

* Understand yourself more deeply. Create a sacred space to express yourself without rules, judgement or expectation.

We would love to hear if you journal and if you have done this course! We Loved it!

Happy weekend love SNHQ xxx

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