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Problems Sleeping

Many more people are having problems sleeping during this pandemic.

A recent King's College London Survey suggests that sleep problems were more common in people facing financial hardship, while two in five reported having more vivid dreams than usual.

The researchers said lack of sleep may itself have had knock-on effects on people's capacity to be resilient during the pandemic, and there are signs of a disproportionate impact on particular groups: women, younger people and those facing financial difficulties.

According to this particular survey nearly two-thirds of the public reported some negative impact on their sleep, showing just how unsettling the pandemic and lockdown measures have been.

If you are one of them: Here are some of our top pick natural remedies to help sleep/ insomnia:


Lavender is one of the most widely used herbs for sleep. It has been found to be effective in calming anxious nerves and facilitating sleep in some people. Lavender has also been found to improve the quality of sleep, helping you to stay asleep throughout the night. 

Its most common form is probably in essential oil form. Lavender oil is great to diffuse in your bedroom 30 minutes prior to sleep. It’s also pretty popular as lavender tea. It is known for its appealing scent, which is why it is a common component in perfumes, and bath and body products. Lavender oil is also available in supplement form and has been found to help some people with mixed anxiety disorder get a better night’s sleep. Or try our bestselling Snooze Essential Oil Blend, perfectly blended pure oils for the perfect nights sleep.


As far as herbs for sleep go, chamomile is one of the most famous. When anyone is looking for a natural remedy for insomnia or treatment for insomnia, or if they are just having trouble falling asleep, chamomile tea is top of mind. Chamomile is regarded widely as a mild tranquilliser and may even help improve cardiovascular conditions, as well as, stimulate the immune system.


Some research suggests that Sage contains compounds that could help ease Insomnia. Many of our customers have found using our Sage Leaf tablets has really helped them, this is one recent review:

”I've had sleeping problems since I was 15 years old (now 30), getting on average 5-6 hours a night broken sleep. I bought these for no explicable reason (considering they're listed as for menopause) other than I had an overwhelming craving for sage! Took 2 before going to sleep one night and woke up having had 8 hours deep sleep... Tried it again the next night, and the same thing happened/ I've now had over 2 weeks of 8-10 hours sleep! I've tested them on my mum who usually gets between 3-6 hours sleep, and she's had constant 8 hour sleeps”


If you have trouble falling asleep, waking in the middle of the night, or tossing and turning, add valerian to your list of helpful herbs. Valerian root can help you drift off quickly , give you a very restful sleep, and reduce next-day fatigue. This therapeutic herb can calm your mind and body when you occasionally feel anxious. Nearly 40 percent of people who struggle with sleep issues also struggle with anxiety and the blues.

Check our bestselling Sleep products: Sage Leaf Tablets, Snooze Essential Oil Blend & our bestselling Natural Sleep Tea….


Sleep well! zzzzzzz

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