Sage Leaf- Natural HRT Remedy-In the Moment Magazine Issue 13

We are very proud to have our amazing Sage Leaf extract featured in the latest edition of "In the Moment Magazine" (Issue 13) Power of Herbs feature.

Our Sage leaf extract is a popular natural remedy for many ailments but widely used for symptoms of the menopause. The health benefits of Sage are that it contributes to the normal hormonal balance, particularly in women during the menopause. It eases and subdues symptoms elevated by hormonal unbalance, such as excessive sweating and hot flushes. Sage is also responsible for the health of the digestive system, stimulating normal stomach and intestinal tract function.  

Sage has antiseptic and antioxidant properties which help to contribute to the body’s natural defenses. Antioxidants have the role of destroying free radicals in the body, and preventing them from oxidising cells and tissues. It is often used as a natural sleep remedy for those suffering with insomnia.

 Beautifully packaged, direct to your door...... 

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