Bottles of CLove, ROse, Lemon and Eucalyptus essential oils for smell training

The Lowdown on Smell Training....

Smell training is based on the research of Professor Thomas Hummel from the University of Dresden. This training consists of intensive smelling of 4 different smells twice a day. You can carry out this training with 4 essential oils. This smell training set can be used to train the sense of smell.


Smell disorders such as anosmia (an inability to smell), hyposmia (reduced sense of smell), parosmia (distorted sense of smell), phantosmia (smelling things that aren't present), can be caused by viral infections, swelling in the nose and sinuses (e.g. chronic sinusitis, allergies), traumatic head injuries and a range of other causes. Different essential oils such as Lemon, Rose, Clove and Eucalyptus are the four smells used in many of the published research studies.

Some recent reviews of our lovely Smell Training kits….

“Absolutely amazing product, has really helped my sense of smell. Highly recommended”

”I don't have a great sense of smell (never really smell perfume on anyone etc) and it did take about 3 weeks before I started to really experience any change, but I'm so glad I persisted and got to appreciate these amazing scents”

“Bought these for my daughter who is recovering from covid. The idea being that they stimulate your sense of smell (which she lost). She has used them quite a bit and are helping with her recovery, the smell of cloves being the one that seems to work best”

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