2 bottles of essential oil blends, Inhale and Exhale by Soul Nutrients

Uses of Essential Oils in Everyday Life

We love to grab our essential oils whenever we need an aromatic pick-me-up or a hug in a bottle. Did you know, you can use Soul Nutrients essential oils every hour of the day. We've created a sunup-to-sundown essential oil guide that gets you through the day!


The Essential Oil Day Guide…

Rise & Shine

Your bed may be a warm, cosy oasis, but once you can see the sun shining through the blinds, it's time to start the day! Start by diffusing 6 drops of Rise Essential Oil.


Sweat It Out

Now that you're awake and ready to go, it's time for that morning workout class. Opt for Lemongrass to help you stay focused during your workout.


Get Ready for the Day

After your workout, it's time to pamper yourself for the day. Add several drops of Eucalyptus to a washcloth that sits just outside the fall of the water for a refreshing aromatic steam.


Beat the Afternoon Slump

It's about 2 pm, and the afternoon slump has kicked in. Keep your goals and intentions in mind as you apply Inhale Essential Oil Rollerball for an uplifting aroma that will help you power through those long afternoon hours.


Wind Down

Kick your feet up; it's time to finally relax! Take a much-deserved bath. Once you've dried off, apply Snooze Essential Oil Rollerball to your wrists and temples and let the soothing scent give you some bedtime serenity.

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