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Smell Training Set

Smell Training Set

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Smell disorders such as anosmia (an inability to smell), hyposmia (reduced sense of smell), parosmia (distorted sense of smell), phantosmia (smelling things that aren’t present), can be caused by viral infections, swelling in the nose and sinuses (e.g. chronic sinusitis, allergies), traumatic head injuries and a range of other causes. Lemon, Rose, Clove and Eucalyptus are the four smells used in many of the published research studies. Smell training is based on the research of Professor Thomas Hummel from the University of Dresden. This training consists of intensive smelling of 4 different smells twice a day. You can carry out this training with 4 essential oils. This smell training set can be used to train the sense of smell. Studies have shown that the sense of smell can change and improve and that it can be trained and developed with exposure to odours, as expert perfumers will testify. Good luck!






Smell Training can help those who have lost their sense of smell.

How To Use

Smell train at least twice every day, ideally morning and evening.

Relax and inhale naturally.

Don’t sniff too hard or for too long…10 seconds for each smell is enough.

Try smelling other things too - spices, flowers, fragrances, anything that’s safe to smell!

And try to stick with it. If you cannot smell anything at first, do not be disheartened. Everyone is different, and we’ve heard from people who have tried this process themselves and have experienced varying degrees of success. For some people, it can take weeks or even longer before they detect anything and some people may not get any benefit from it at all, but it is worth trying.


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Q. Which essential oils are included in the kit?
A. Lemon, Rose, Clove and Eucalyptus 100% Pure Essential Oils

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